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fun music for a captivating video


marcel, the shell with shoes on


There is nothing about this that is bad.

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Graduate school in a tissue engineering lab..

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You’re Cool - The Joe

Lots of Edmonton love for my fellow #yeg folk. :)

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The most wholesome rap lyrics ever:

"We could be study buddies, and work on social studies…"

7-Year-Old Rapper Lil’ P-Nut - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HD) (via KINGFLYPUTO)

Nigeria’s 500-year-old dye tradition under threat -

"We are using the same ways dyers used when the pits began in 1498," explained Abdu.


Despite its rich history, regional demand for the dyed wares has fallen as fashions have changed, so the dyers are looking to tourists as potential buyers.

I like the way this is going

Live Video: Eels

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